Oatmeal Before School

I’ve eaten plenty of bowls of oatmeal in my time here on Earth. I didn’t always like oatmeal, though. That changed with my mom’s bright idea one morning before school. 

During my school years, my parents were always home in the morning. Mom would be hustling around the kitchen making everyone’s lunches and breakfast for all. Dad would be getting ready for work. My brother and I would get dressed for school and then wander out to the dining room. We were all home together, but I don’t recall everyone sitting down to eat breakfast together. Eating together would come later – at the dinner table.

It’s a blessing to know the security and consistency – mom, dad, brother – family and breakfast, each day. 

Mornings were important – hugs all around, have a good day and “I love you’s”. Not only that, we had nutritious food to start our day: eggs, toast, bacon, no-sugar cereal, and… oatmeal. Blech. Until one day, when mom was determined to get oatmeal into me. I heard the mixer beating, then a spoon drawn out of the drawer. 

Mom placed a dollop of freshly whipped cream on top of a lump of oatmeal in a bowl. “Try it, you’ll like it!” I’m sure she said. “I know someone who eats it this way – they recommend it!” It was easy to eat the whipped cream. Of course, some of it had melted into the warm oatmeal. I think that’s when I got hooked! From then on, I had to have it with my oatmeal. I think mom phased it out when I started serving myself more whipped cream than oatmeal!

Breakfast is important. Breakfast served at home, before school, by people you love even more important.

Oatmeal served to kids before school by loved ones instead of at school would change society for the better. After all, schools don’t serve whipped cream on the oatmeal and nothing should displace family.


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