Stop Lying to Children

Mental health is the popular go-to for explaining why children are anxious, depressed, suicidal and violent. It’s a broad phrase that ignores contributing factors, such as lying.

 Yes, lying. There is a group of adults lying to children.

It persists in telling children these five lies (there are more):

  1. The purpose of schooling is so you can get a job someday.
  2. Gender is a choice you make from a spectrum.
  3. The United States is a horrible country.
  4. Critical Race Theory – you are a victim or oppressor, depending on your skin color.
  5. Earth is being destroyed by human-caused climate change/humans are bad/the sky is falling!

Are you still surprised our teenagers are anxious and depressed?

How do you feel when you’ve been lied to? Repeatedly? Hopelessly?

Let’s look closer, and shed some truth:

  1. School and learning have the purpose of enabling us to live life to the full, pursue topics and activities of interest, and generally enjoy all life has to offer, including work. The joy of learning and discovery is a gift we give children that matches their natural eagerness to explore and seek out knowledge. We learn “for life’s sake”.
  2. Genesis 1:27 of God’s Word is very clear. He created male and female, and He determines which one each of us will be. It is unchangeable. No one is “born in the wrong body”…  God doesn’t make mistakes. Those who encourage puberty blockers and surgical alteration are child abusers; need I explain the effects of abuse?
  3. The United States of America was founded upon freedom. We have liberty and equal opportunity. It is the freest country on Earth, and we are grateful to live here and can use our blessings to help others. It is an egregious crime to allow Zinn and Hannah-Jones like deceptions to unsettle our children.
  4. Americans respect one another’s God-given rights and individual personalities and beliefs. We are not categorized by race, class, victim or oppressor. We are all part of the human race. Each person is free to mold and shape their character. Reward is based on merit, not skin color (or how many “intersections” you have). To dig deeper, consider that 90% of mass shooters are young white males…Males who are being told these lies; that they are white supremacist oppressors on whom all the faults and crimes of past generations and current problems rest. Those who insist on placing this message and guilt-trip on young males ought to be ashamed and held accountable.
  5. Humans are part of the universe – created by God to live in relationship with Him. He asks us to take care of the Earth. He knows the number of hairs on each of our heads, do you think He doesn’t know how to take care of Earth? To provide for us? To keep all things balanced and sustained? God is sovereign, and humans are part of his creation and design.

Our first action to help kids lift out of anxiety, depression, violence and suicide is to tell them the Truth.

Stop lying to children, and watch their mental health improve.

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