Students.Parents. Teachers.

Take one 5-year-old. Drop them at a building called “public school” with some strangers and pick them up later. As John Taylor Gatto, a now deceased award-winning New York City teacher once said, “Madness! This is madness!”

And that was what he was saying about twenty years ago; before the seeds of explicit sexxxed curriculum, social emotional learning, restorative justice and critical race theory had grown and bloomed within the education system.

Most parents and even teachers have no idea of the machinations taking place behind closed doors among the powerful and moneyed special interests determining what goes on in public schools. If you think your school is immune, think again. It’s past time parents, teachers and the community get some answers. That opportunity is just around the corner. Don’t miss it:

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*Posted in February under, What’s Happened to Public Education?

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