I Suspect The Union…

Here’s an idea:

I suspect the union will (soon) demand from now until the end of time that classrooms be filled with no more students than can be accommodated with “social distancing”.  For schools to fully, truly, for real reopen, then, double or more than double the number of classrooms and teachers would be needed.  Is the union so concerned with health and safety? 

The average union dues for teachers nationwide is about $750/year.  Double the teachers equals double the money. Equals double the power. 

I have a better idea.  School choice. Fine, let the public classrooms stick to social distancing measurements and 35 square foot spaces for each student.  Parents can take their education-allotted tax dollars elsewhere. Let free market competition propel the education system to better heights.  For profit.  Paying for services isn’t an untested idea.  Which dentist do you go to? The one that properly cares for your teeth and makes you at ease during procedures, or the one that aggravates your condition and leaves you with a headache? Do you begrudge the dentist who cares for you their paycheck, their profit? If the dentist who fails to provide proper care goes out of business, aren’t we all better off?  Let him go find a job more suited to his skill set.

Students attending a school of choice that is doing a poor job of educating will stop attending such a school, just as you would stop going to a lousy dentist. Thank goodness, those children will have other options, and the poor- quality school will close its doors. No students will be subjected to or stuck with subpar education.  Who will monitor whether or not students are getting a quality education, you may ask? Their parents (gasp). Most people feel the current public-school system is doing a poor job; the union will tell you the system just needs more money; an overused excuse for a poor performing school system, made by the ones controlling it.  

Teachers, parents and students have everything to gain by being rescued from under the thumb of state and national “teachers” unions.  At this time, I suspect school choice policies that allow tax money to follow the child would be a win-win-win.  

Another Monolith Disappears

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