A Scapegoat Named Pandemic

A bloodless revolution has occurred right under our noses. Let me explain it this way: Several months ago, a secret group called the Opportunists happened upon a pet scapegoat and named it Pandemic.  They took Pandemic everywhere.  People would squeal and jump out of the way, doing anything the Opportunists said to protect themselves from Pandemic.  

When the Opportunists said stay home, the people did. Lack of social interaction, which introduces people to new ideas and sharpens their thinking, is intolerable to the Opportunists.

When the Opportunists said close your businesses, owners did. Of course, the hard-working, individual self-made businessperson is a threat to the Opportunists’ pipe dream of “equitable” government redistribution of the money it forcibly removes from citizens.

Soon the Opportunists didn’t even have to take Pandemic with them, just the mere mention of the numbers of people Pandemic had scared was enough to subdue citizens. Pandemic had been paraded around at schools and shown off to the teachers, inciting fear and sending teachers scuttling home to barricade themselves in.  Their union told them it was too dangerous to go out. Genuine fear was callously manipulated to meet the Opportunists’ agenda.

The Opportunists were delighted to see freedom-loving Americans so easily relinquish their liberties.  It was better and easier than they ever dreamed it could be!  All the years of hard work spent on eroding the nuclear family unit, establishing policies that limit private property rights, demoralizing youth and owning the media messaging were paying off.  They especially relished what fruits a future with millions of youth who’d lost out on more than a year of instruction might yield. Kept from their usual school routine, youth became bitter and depressed. All part of the plan, the Opportunists knew. 

Wear a mask, the Opportunists said.  Stay away from your family and friends, they ordered; or risk being fined or jailed. Report to us those who don’t follow these orders to stay home, and those who refuse to stop gathering with others. Families began to suffer.  Isolation bred loneliness.

Dads and moms and sons and daughters and uncles and aunts began to lose their jobs. Businesses were lost, never to open again. Homes foreclosed. Rent could not be paid. So, the Opportunists set up programs (by plunging the country into debt) to support business owners and landlords. Food came from the Opportunists’ programs (more debt).  “We’ll save you!” said the Opportunists, as they dumped money into citizens’ bank accounts.[i]  Ironically, it was the hard-earned money of the citizens in the first place. But, the citizens easily forgot this (and the debt they’d been strapped with) and began to believe the Opportunists really were saving them.

Everyone is becoming deliciously dependent on government, they crooned. Our social programs are so nearly in place already, it will be an easy transition to change public schools into our hub of operations![ii] The Opportunists’ union education department is full of anticipation: As soon as we get what we want through collective bargaining (any day now!), we’ll open schools and offer everything anybody needs; on our terms, of course![iii]

Every once in a while, the Opportunists would parade Pandemic through the streets again, adding pain to the mourning without remorse or feeling for those suffering; cruelly playing deep loss to their advantage. Oppression is the only trick they taught Pandemic. They cared little about the loss of life occurring, and more about achieving their long-planned goal of revolution; turning the freest country in the world into a Marxist play land, whatever the cost.

[i] https://www.dailysignal.com/2021/02/18/democrats-continue-to-misuse-pandemic-relief-to-push-pre-covid-19-wish-list/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell&utm_content=httpswwwdailysignalcom20210218democratscontinuetomisusep

[ii] https://www.nea.org/advocating-for-change/new-from-nea/new-federal-bill-promotes-public-schools-community-hubs

[iii] http://www.eiaonline.com/2021/01/13/money-not-safety-will-determine-when-schools-reopen/

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