The Risks of Public Schooling

            “…[S]omething ought to be done,” claims Elizabeth Bartholet in a Harvard Magazine article. She’s referring to her belief that homeschooling is “dangerous”.  She’s clearly out of touch with the dangers of American public schooling.1

California public schools launched into using whole language as an acceptable reading methodology in the 1980s with disastrous results. Whole language hasn’t disappeared, as it should have, but comingles with phonics instruction nationwide. Linguistically logical, developmentally appropriate and scientifically backed reading methodology has been around for decades. Yet public schools are not using it. 2,3

            The theory of evolution has been presented as fact, with no opportunities given to critically analyze any other theory, in particular the theory of creation, in public schools for quite some time now.4

In 2010, three nonprofit organizations, along with some other key players, took it upon themselves to foist common core “state” standards on the nation. These help kids solve 4 x 30 slowly – by thinking 3 x 10, then 4 x 3 then 12 x 10. (Oh yeah, then draw a model using dots and write three sentences explaining how you solved it and why you solved it that way and also explain two other methods you could’ve used.)

            Now, we have social emotional learning, which uses a focus on 5 elements to make sure kids focus on their feelings and make decisions based on social and ethical norms (I’m not sure whose). They’re expected to use these skills at home and in their communities.6

            Restorative practices have essentially turned classrooms into “zero consequences” zones, so learning is frequently disrupted, kids are getting hurt, and teachers bruised and scarred. I know, because I’m a teacher. Would you like to see my scar?7

            In 2013 in a California school district, curriculum was adopted that included having students participate in a condom relay race; the curriculum is called Making Proud Choices.  Soon, many states will have adopted these explicit and graphic standards and curriculums.8,9

           It appears the powerful government schools are in charge of the powerless children.1  America’s children ought to stay home with their parents, who can protect them from danger!










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