Brain Break. . .for Teachers

Constant decision making, fluctuating emotions, threading math lessons and reading lessons through student minds. . .even teachers need “brain breaks”.

Christmas Break is a wonderful time for teachers to recharge. Let your mind drift, or get caught up in a good book. Don’t make any decisions for a whole day, beyond what to eat.

I’m reading White Fang by Jack London. Honestly, I didn’t think I would like it but then – I was immersed, drawn in and intrigued.

I also have been sleeping in. Which, when you get up at about 5:45am usually, can mean any time after 6:30am is sleeping in.  It’s early, but it’s late.  . .

My cat appreciates me being home all day. And I appreciate her soothing purr.

Teachers, revel in your “brain break”.  Don’t  be tempted to go in to your cold, empty school and pound away at your desk. Let yourself fully relax. You’ll come back stronger.




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