Head-in-the-Sand Difference

Sleepless nights. Furrowed brows. Pensive stares. Countless hours. This is the life of teachers. Teachers wrestling with how to best help all the Johnny’s and Susie’s in their classrooms. Students are utmost in their minds. You might say teachers are as blind to what their own union is doing as someone who has their head in the sand.

“I just pay my dues and go on, ” some say.

“I don’t like politics. I don’t want to talk about it. It bothers me,” others say.

“I’m not a political person…” many say.

Meanwhile, the union raids their pocketbooks and dictate the direction of public education.  “I’m making a difference, with the few students I have direct contact with,” comes the muffled reply through layers of sand. Yes, you are.

Teachers who genuinely love their students and go the extra mile to make a difference in their students’ lives – which is most teachers – unfortunately are hurting more than helping when they ignore what’s happening within their union.

If you are a teacher who “just doesn’t want to get involved” with union, “political” topics; you’re part of the problem.

Since when is advocating for the best interest of your students and their parents “political”?

You must dig out of the sand and speak up. The students you love are being hurt by the union you are paying.

Take the time to understand who your teachers’ union really is.

Make a difference in the lives of students and families beyond the circumference of your head in the sand.


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