Oh, Dear!

How is it an entire month can whoosh by without a blog post? I was so certain I’d posted in November.

What kept me from it? Working late at school? Thinking about my students at all hours?

Then the holidays rush in, and I take the opportunity to actually do some writing of my book, but not to blog. I’m sorry, those of you following me here. I’m back!

I’m currently reworking chapter seven of my book. As of now the book is slated to be a tidy 8 or 9 chapters, so you could say I’m almost done. . .But you wouldn’t, if you knew the crazy world of publishing, editing, agenting and revising!

Not only that, as I write, more ideas for future books pour into my head as the educational landscape continues to shift and heave.

I’d like to write about the need for reforms in special education.

I’d like to write about the asinine way behavior issues are expected to be handled (which means they aren’t really handled), and how teachers have had enough of fluffy behavioral philosophies.

I’d like to respectfully and reasonably argue school choice haters under the table. They’ve forgotten that children belong to their parents, and that parents have ultimate responsibility and say in their childrens’ lives.

Ahh, back to blogging. . .no more months whooshing past without it. . .there’s too much to say.

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