Teacher Contract Dreams

Dream with me about having more freedom and control over teacher contracts instead of turning them over to the will of state and national union affiliates.

Nonlocal unions want us to believe they are for us, but in reality, they’re controlling us.

Your union contract is dictating how you carry out your teaching duties, right down to how you spend every minute in your day. Your autonomy and innovation are dead in the water. You’re hemmed in.

You can only make as much as the predetermined amount on the salary schedule.

The school day cannot be made one hour longer for the sake of student learning. Planning time is not flexible, grade-level, or workload friendly.

Grievances included in the contract can only be handled the union way – specifically adhering to multiple steps and bound by arbitration.

Have you ever read your contract? Some of the frustrations you feel on the job may actually stem from the constraints the union contract puts on the school district. The school district you work for and need support from has been painted by the union as the enemy of the teachers. Stop and let the absurdity of that sink in, and the damage it does to faculty cohesion and student morale.

Teachers, we need to work together as a team with our administrators. State and national unions create a false narrative of principals and administration as enemies, because this ensures you will continue to perceive a need for help from the union.

Teachers in 28 states have successfully practiced without unions for decades. There are, at this time, multiple school districts with teachers who’ve told the state and national unions goodbye.

They’re enjoying better union services for roughly 75% less cost. They negotiate for themselves, directly across from the school board, without a middle man state/national affiliate. These teachers have collective bargaining rights, superior legal protections, and more money in their pockets. 

They have autonomy in decision making and are treated as professionals. No one is pitting them against their teammates or administration. They can push for specific, student-centered, local community-oriented and teacher-centered needs.

Teachers, you and your colleagues can also experience this freedom. Decertify the state and national affiliate, and break free from the constrictions of your current contract. Take charge of decision making at the district level. Realize the local-only dream! 

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