And they’re off! Educators all over the nation begin the race to educate millions of students as best they can over the next 9-10 months.

I’m exhausted already. Anybody else?

It’s a joyous, challenging, rewarding, demanding job. I’m excited, let’s go!

This year, I’m honestly afraid of the extra turmoil teachers’ unions will foment because of the Janus decision.

So, I want to encourage you:

Read the argument for yourself at supremecourt.gov  and draw conclusions for yourself.

Read about the topic thoroughly.  I mean – don’t just listen to union rhetoric about it. Know both sides of the topic. Be informed about the perspectives and arguments on all sides.

I’m encouraging you to do this, because your freedom as a worker has changed with the Janus decision.

It’s up to well-informed you to find out how. . .

Be courageous, fellow teachers.


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