And So Fulfill. . .

…The law of Christ.

Which is: love your neighbor as yourself

And love God.

Love is patient, love is kind. . . it keeps no record of wrongs, it doesn’t envy…it doesn’t boast…Love never fails. (I Corinthians 13)

I’m not perfect; I don’t always love perfectly. I’m so glad I know the One who does love perfectly.

I received an insulting reply on social media today. I forgive the person, and I’m okay. I replied graciously, but firmly.

I’m asking Christ-following readers to hold me accountable. Because the only debt I owe another is the continuing debt to love. . .Christ-follower or not.

You see, I am not here blogging because I like social media. I don’t. I’m here because I have a message for teachers.

I’m here, writing to fellow teachers out of love, as imperfect as it is. . .but genuine.

Each time I send another written thought out into cyber space – may it be uplifting, reasonable and respectful, encouraging. . .and fulfill the law of Christ.





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