School Choice is Right

Allowing parents and students school choice is the right thing to do.  On December 28, the Trump administration issued an executive order that provides funds to families with children whose public school is still closed and therefore keeping them from receiving in-person instruction.  The order makes available money that can be used for private school, home school, microschools or learning pods, to name a few.  Funds also are available to families with children who have special needs.1

            According to a USA Today article regarding the executive order, “Opponents of private school choice, including teachers[sic] unions and most Democrats, say the programs siphon off money and students from traditional districts, leaving fewer resources in public schools to serve the most challenged students.”2  Oh dear! Oh my! We can’t let that happen, is the reaction of most to this argument.  Stop for a moment and ask why there is such a strong school choice movement.  If traditional public schools are so amazing, why are so many families pushing for other options?  Why is it assumed the “most challenged students” would be left behind to languish when freedom of school choice is available?

            Perhaps it is time for teachers to recognize their “teachers’” union is actually jeopardizing their jobs…by not adapting to the times – times that demand school choice for families.  Perhaps it is time for teachers to recognize their “teachers’” unions hand in corrupting public education.  Public school teacher morale is at an all-time low.  Who is keeping teachers separated from their students? Their “teachers’” union.  When, teachers, will you step up to rescue your students instead of shielding your paycheck, pension and position? When will you gather your courage, opt out of the union, and truly begin to know the joy of teaching?

            Parents and students are desperate to be free of a one-size-fits-all system in exchange for a choice that suits them.  And you’ll find, teachers, that school choice will free you as well.

One comment

  1. When will Democrats learn that competition is a good thing!? Just like we need more competition in health care options , not less! But communists hate competition.


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