Pilgrim School of Elections

I’m certain the pilgrims voted in person for their governors.  

We can learn more from them than how to operate an election with integrity, though:

We can look back through history and see in the Pilgrims our great heritage of character, wisdom and love of freedom, which can propel us through these times – when our own “King James” governors threaten to jail us, fine us and imprison us in our own homes.

We understand the Pilgrim’s governor didn’t tell them to stay home if sick, comb their hair, wash their hands and behind their ears.  He was wiser than that.  

We see that faith in God and adherence to His teachings grows love, honesty, self-control and goodness of heart necessary for a people governing themselves.

We learn from them that self-government is possible, sustainable and good for mankind.

We know they were courageous and possessed great tenacity, and that these are examples worth emulating.

The Pilgrims showed us how to respond when all seemed lost – to not give up, to not lose hope.

It’s clear they understood freedom is synonymous with choice: choice of worship, choice of location, choice of leaders, choice of education for their children; from their choices, we learn our best lives happen when we, too, have choices.

With boldness, they dared to do what is right, even at great personal risk; even when few others dared. What is right is not always popular.

Need we escape our current oppression on a Mayflower?  Nay, we will vote any tyrant governors and curmudgeons out to sea to seek their fortunes, and ourselves return to elections with integrity; votes in person – for freedom, for self-government. 

Some fear death at the hands of coronavirus, but more would risk death to preserve freedom. 

It is for the Pilgrim’s example of pursuing freedom that we give thanks.

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