Crisis: Uninformed Teachers

Help! We’ve got a crisis on our hands.

Several hundred Oregon teachers walked out on May 8th, but they don’t know what the funding bill actually said! Maybe someone could help them find it online under, 2019 regular session, HB 3427 enrolled. . .

Before it’s too late! Before they wander down the hallways of their schools, scratching their heads and saying, weren’t we supposed to get some more teachers?

As if bashing the businesses of this state that provide the bread and butter for Oregon families wasn’t enough, the bill tells school districts they have to apply for grants to receive the funds. (And we all know what that means. . .school districts are restricted to using the funds as dictated to them by. . .uh. . .people in the capital city who know the intricacies of each local district?)

Maybe the teachers’ union could help. Oh, yeah, they organized the walkout. And sat with lawmakers and drafted the bill.* Hmm.

Help! Somebody!


*See testimonial section under OEA for HB 3427 at

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