Solidarity, Liquidity and Laughing Gas

A solid 12.5% of Oregon school districts walked out last week on May 8th.* Granted, that included the largest school district in the state. But does it make you think, “solidarity“?

Many, many teachers chose to be in class for their students May 8th, not abandon them. They found time before or after school to show their support. They proved great teachers have their priorities straight.

As I stated in my March 25th blog, when I first learned of the plan to walkout, “A union that is for teachers would understand that teachers love their students and don’t wish to walkout on them.”  The union didn’t listen, and the warm glow of teachers’ love for their students liquified the solidarity cube.

If the legislature comes out with a huge education budget, it would be a gas if the union claims credit for it based on their “walkout”.

*KEZI TV News Eugene, May 8th.

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