Money Talks

My Fellow Teachers,

It was a shock to her; a consequence of long neglected, truthful lessons about America.  Remember, “separation of church and state” is not part of our U.S. Constitution. Nevertheless, it was part of her reasoning for rejecting the public library’s purchase of certain books. Thank goodness our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.  And speech.

Land of liberty, refuge for millions fleeing religious persecution, war and oppression; founded on the truth that all mankind are created equal, by God.  Founded on the truth that it is God from whom our rights come, thereby stripping power from would-be oppressors. Stamped with the noble idea that everyone has the right to acquire and own property, markets be free and rights protected.  We get to live here!  I’m so thankful.

We are a privileged nation, free to pursue life, liberty and happiness thanks to the wisdom and forethought of our founding fathers.  Would you want anything less?  Would you accept your children salivating over lesser ideas? What would you do if your money were being used to promote more government control in your life, and to tear these freedoms and natural rights from you?  If it were being used to promulgate agitation and discord in this peaceful nation?  Or merely taken – and used to say something other than what you desire to say.  After all, we vote with our wallets and put our money where our mouth is. It speaks for us.

Check your pockets. Missing anything? Where did it go? What is it saying?


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