Step Into My Parlor

My Fellow Teachers,

Who do you trust? “Step into my parlor,” says the spider to the fly.  “I have plenty of space.  You can be my guest. I’ll bring you food and drink, and we’ll chatter about whatever we wish.”  Such brash promises! So alluring.  A story used, perhaps, by our parents to warn us of strangers offering candy.  Yet we are still prone to the appeal of advertisements and “experts” hawking their wares.  Their message becomes more sophisticated, subtle and surreptitious. We’ve all experienced the pang of self-doubt that follows being tricked by some glamorous appeal. “Silly me!” we cry.

It is worse still when our oversight lands not just ourselves, but those in our care in the same deceived heap.  How do we explain to them our remorse?  How do we make up for the loss of dignity and confidence? If it is a child’s innocence, intellectual potential, or future security that has suffered, then more so the grief and shame.  Let the mistake make us more vigilant, wise, and ready to protect those in our care.

The spider calls, “I’ll protect you and provide for you!  Just come in here! I don’t care about the little flies!  This is about YOU!”  Heed the instruction of your parents.  Keep a level head and steady gaze.  Pierce through the hollow promises of the spider. . .and thus save yourself and your charges from the deception and loss!


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