Censorship or Responsibility?

When you don’t allow your five-year-old to read about s*x, is it censorship?

When you don’t allow your ten-year-old to look at p*rn, is it censorship?

Is barring your fourteen-year-old from reading explicit, steamy romances censorship?

After all, you’re the parent. Aren’t you supposed to ban certain things? For the good of your child? Why, then, are parents being accused of censorship for protesting school library books that contain explicit descriptions and images of s*x? (Loudon County, Virginia)

I’ll tell you – The ACLU, Human Rights Coalition, GLAAD and similar groups need a distraction. Accusations of ‘censorship’ is their shiny object to direct your attention away from the real issues:

1. Children belong to their parents.

2. Children are impressionable little people who are to be treasured and protected.

3. There are absolute, moral standards.

Parents have the responsibility to do what is best for their children. They have the right to protest when something or someone insidiously seeks to undermine and subvert the sacred parent/child bond and damage innocence.

When children gather at public schools, each brings a family background of differing values and beliefs. Despite this, it would be nearly impossible to find parents who want their children exposed to porn, explicit s*x scenes in books and gender ideology campaigns. Keeping children from these things is a moral obligation. To call it censorship reveals a cowardly amorality.

“If anyone causes one of these little ones…to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Matthew 18:6  Holy Bible New International Version, Biblica Inc.

Protecting children is never censorship.

Watch a trailer of an upcoming documentary, Whose Children Are They?, here:



  1. BINGO! I’m so with you on this, honey! Kids have no business reading explicit sex type books because they’re too young and it perverts their minds. But as we know, the Left is trying to sexualize our children. I believe they are trying to groom them because, in case you haven’t read or heard, we not have leftist speakers going to these universities and DEFENDING pedophiles calling it “normal love”. And have you heard the new euphemism for pedophile. They are now calling themselves MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons). It makes me ill just to think about it! 😦 I certainly hope this nonsense ends soon because we have children and grandchildren to protect!


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