Olympic Lesson

I can’t stop tears from coming to my eyes when they show an Olympic athlete’s family and friends at a watch party back home. Suddenly, all of America is in that living room together, cheering on Team USA!

Together, unified, we are cheering for our athletes. We are inspired by and admire the hard work, sacrifice and tenacity it required for them to be where they are. The only color we’re noticing is the color of the medal they earned. It’s a sweet time in the USA; we are bonded in our celebration of those representing this great nation.

Even when our athletes are not competing on the world stage, we are bonded in celebration of our wonderful country. We are free! We have opportunity! We have natural, God-given rights protected in our Constitution. It’s good to be an American. The Olympics reveal that America is not divided, as some wish the rest of us to believe. We are the United States of America, cheering for our Team.

Thank you, athletes, for embodying the principles of hard work, individual effort and teamwork. The United States of America is proud of you.

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