Dear Fellow Teachers,

I crafted a handmade gift, from me to you. It’s a gift of words.

It’s for you, and it’s for the students we love. Years of increasing tumult in student behavior and federally mandated curriculum have been followed by sudden school shutdown – cutting us off from our students. We need to understand the power-players in education–because it’s not us.

I wanted to understand what had happened to a once-pleasant teaching career. I traveled the USA, asking teachers questions. I spent hours researching. I want you to know what I found out. Let’s restore the rightful stakeholders’ power. I don’t mean us. I mean parents, I mean students – then I mean us. We partner with parents and students to provide education. No powerful entity should undermine that collaboration.

Summer is near. You’re almost to a time of being able to put your feet up and recuperate. A great time to read a good book! Put my book, Publicly Schooled: One Teacher’s Unsettling Discoveries, on your list.

After all, it’s written for you.



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