You’re anti-school-choice, because…?

I was just reading a post by an anti-school-choice activist.  Those against parents choosing a quality school for their children say that school choice promotes segregation and division between the social classes.   I just don’t see how.

People who are racist would make hateful choices in all aspects of their lives, not just in school choice for their children.  For the most part, I think people are loving and accepting of all ethnic backgrounds.  If the anti-school-choice set is so concerned about segregation issues perhaps they should spend their energy on reaching those with racist hatred in their hearts, and helping them see the individual uniqueness and infinite worth of each person.

As far as their concern with social class and “haves and have nots” being divided, perhaps they could put energy into helping the “have nots” find living wage jobs or job training.  This would include helping corporations and businesses expand so that living wage jobs are available.  A family with a solid job will soon be lifted from poverty.

I just don’t see school choice creating a segregation or social class issue.  In fact, it puts quality schools within reach of everyone – not just the wealthy who can afford private schools, and opens the door for everyone to become part of a school community that blends their local demographics.  Hmmm. . .it actually sounds quite. . .equitable.

*originally posted November 24, 2017

Watch for it…my book…Publicly Schooled…coming soon!


  1. You nailed it! Also, it would trap bullied children in a school that isn’t healthy for them if they couldn’t have school choice. I’m for school choice and always will be. Thank you for posting this!


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