Public School Preservation: Should We?

Are we more concerned about preserving the status quo in the public school system than ensuring kids receive a stellar education?

“The only folks who are threatened by education freedom are the same ones who have a vested financial interest in suppressing that freedom,” Betsy Devos said in a speech to the National School Board Association on January 28, 2019.

Preserving is for peaches, beans and corn. . .not a public school system so broken it needs replacing. Some organizations have you believing school choice is the demise of traditional schooling.  They must have forgotten parents are more interested in what’s best for their kids than preserving a failing system.

Truly, you have to question the motives of those screaming to preserve something that isn’t getting results. What are they really after? A nice row of schools in canning jars they can do with as they wish? Oh wait – it’s not the schools – it’s the kids inside. Oh.

If public education as we know it fades away, but it means kids are receiving a stellar education, why lament its demise?

Coming Soon-a book for teachers, parents, and all invested in education; Publicly Schooled: One Teacher’s Unsettling Discoveries May 2021

Originally posted April 16, 2019

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