Two Shoes, One Teacher…

Even though elementary school teachers and high school teachers wear similar types of shoes, I doubt this sort of thing would happen to a high school teacher. It’s a challenge sometimes to find professional-looking shoes that have the support and durability one needs to be on their feet most of the day. Spongy, supportive tennis shoes do not pair well with a skirt and blouse.

A particular deep-brown, almost sporty pair of Merrells quickly became a favorite pair of shoes. They went well with khakis and slacks, and they supported my feet all day. 

Once upon a time, my feet were getting roasty on a not-quite-spring day in my second-grade classroom. I generally wanted students to keep their shoes on, just in case, so I kept mine on, too.  I sweated it out for awhile that day, but it became unbearable.  My feet just needed some air! 

I slipped my shoes off near the trash can at my desk.  When a student commented on my shoes being off, I told the class they could remove their shoes for a bit, too.  We went about our work. 

Anna beckoned me over. Her tummy hurt. I empathized and went through the routine: Do you need to use the bathroom? Do you need a drink of water?  Did you eat lunch? Are you hungry? All of these we dutifully checked off, in hopes she’d improve, that it was a fluke. Let’s wait a bit and see if it gets any better, okay?  You let me know if it doesn’t get better!  I kept my eye on her. 

Anna wasn’t improving.  

Suddenly, she got up and told me she felt like throwing up.  “To the trash can!” I implored, as I moved toward her. She was such a sweet girl, always doing her best and being polite and respectful.  I know she didn’t mean to miss the can. . .

I really miss those shoes.

Anna was soon well and back in class again.  And we all kept our shoes on.

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