For All Students

The purpose of school is not college, nor career – but a place to hone the skills needed to live a full, enriching and contented life. What is it that you wish for all American K-12 students? I pray for them secure and peaceful learning environments; for the most excellent and highly skilled teachers who are compassionate and patient. I pray for them to know deeply they are loved and worthy; to be given solid, foundational skills and the desire to pursue the true, the good and the beautiful.

My heart aches as I see the faces of students today: downcast, depressed, lost, directionless, anxious, confused.  Who protects their innocence, provides safety, holds high expectations for conduct?  Who invests in them as precious and worthy of development into quality people? Who holds schools accountable to stay on the path of academic and character development? Who expects their mom and dad to be married, stay married, take responsibility and ensure stability? Who upholds the sacred right of parents to make choices about their children?

See the joy and confidence in these students: High School Choir     The stresses of today’s hallways and classrooms fades; we glimpse what school should look and feel like for students.  We see students free of depression and anxiousness – for a few minutes -. Some of us see how school used to be.   It’s obvious their teacher has invested in them and helped them experience something good and beautiful.  And ideally* they each have a mom and a dad in the audience; present, loving, encouraging.

I pray for all students a path to a full, enriching, contented life.

Pursuit of the Ideal

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