Brave Teachers: Are Unharmed by Lions

Your junior high ache to be cool won’t leave you alone. You still want to say what the in-crowd says, act how the in-crowd acts, and be perceived as one of the cool kids.   You fear colleagues turning their backs on you. You fear teachers saying nasty things about you. You fear the loss of representation, status and acceptance into the union club. The deception of the “cool crowd” still lures you.

You’d rather ignore the stripping away of a child’s innocence under the teaching of comprehensive sexuality education than lose your place in “the cool crowd”.

You’ll stand by and watch as so-called restorative justice policies rob well-behaving and misbehaving students alike of their self-worth; to be in “the cool crowd”.

You will swim along with the current of common core standards, all the while knowing in your intuitive-teacher-gut they are bad, bad, bad for kids, but you’ll be in “the cool crowd”.

The crowd that mouthed promises to protect you after school, but let you get beat up anyway. The crowd that talked big about making changes for all, but were really just using you for leverage.  The crowd that swaggered around drunk on themselves, and ultimately cared nothing for you.

Students need teachers willing to throw out their red T-shirts; willing to side with them.

When will your faith overwhelm your fear?

Daniel was given King Darius’s edict not to pray to God, just like everyone else in the land. (Daniel 6: 7-23*)

Yet he chose to act in faith. And was unharmed by lions.



*The Holy Bible, New International Version NIV Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc. Used by permission of Biblica, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.


  1. Why do they do it ? I know some awesome women who teach in public school and they don’t fight for what’s right . It may be that something bad enough hasn’t come to their school yet , I don’t know. But Austin ISD recently approved the gay sex Ed . Texas has been a no sex Ed state in the past, other than “health “ class .


    • I go over and over all the possible reasons why. One is the reality of a teacher being the bread winner for the home, and possibly a single parent at that; they fear losing their job. Another is the union has so deceived teachers into thinking they are receiving legal protection from the union; into thinking they are more vulnerable than they actually are, and that the union is the only place that supplies professional liability ‘insurance’. (Better options are out there – American Association fo Educators, and Christian Educators Association International – you actually get a policy in your name.) Would love to help the teachers you know navigate this.

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      • We live in Texas . I really don’t know if it’s as bad here. Do you know anything? The main complaint I hear is that the kids who really need special ed can’t get it because there aren’t enough spots.


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