Empowered Teachers Have: Choices

Did I get to choose who my union exclusive bargainer is? How about if my union would be local only, or affiliated with state and national unions? Did I get to decide how much my dues would be? Did I get to choose how the dues would be spent? Did I get a chance to understand my contract before ratifying it?

Why not?

Did I get to be part of choosing what discipline policy would work best for my school? Was it a collaborative effort between parents, teachers and administration?

Why not?

Did I get to choose what sex education curriculum would contain? Were parents part of the process? Were teachers part of the process?

Why not?

Did I get to be part of choosing Common Core Standards? Were myself or any colleagues consulted? Did parents get to say what they wanted their children to learn? Was anyone from the community involved?

Why not?

How about you? Did you get to choose any of these things?

Why not?

Who would you choose for a committee to decide these items? Politicians, lawmakers and think tanks? Unions, legislators and special interests? Parents, teachers and students?


If you could be in charge of education, what choices would you give to teachers? Would it change education?

Empowered teachers have choices.

Are current teachers empowered?

(Why not?)

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