Where Did Teaching Go?

Where did my profession go?

My first five years of teaching are like a blissful dream. . .The kids are happy, learning, thriving. . .The teachers talk and joke in the teachers’ lounge. Extreme student outbursts are rare. . .Classrooms are spiced with individual teachers bringing their expertise and creativity to life.

Back then, teachers were capable, professional and trusted to teach. . .And they still are, except. . .I’m confused…

Did things start to crumble the day they told us to stop teaching second graders science and social studies?

Or further back, when none of our college professors bothered to teach us how to teach reading? – No, I mean really teach reading.  Having a reading “philosophy” doesn’t help kids learn to read, nor does memorizing words.

How did we arrive at locking parents out of the school during the school day, when the greatest threat to their children is INSIDE the school? (Think about that for a bit.)

Or maybe things started to crumble when someone thought it would be a good idea to medicate children without verifying a legitimate need for such help.

The sky is still blue, embellished with puffy white clouds. . .but who can explain the storms in the  schoolhouse?

Are you confused, fellow teachers? There’s hope. . .check out For Kids and Country.

We can take our profession back. Teaching can be joyful and exhilarating once more!




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