Let’s Go For a Walk…Out

Ironically, I didn’t learn of it from my own district’s exclusive bargainer. Supposedly, there’s to be a teacher walkout in my state. I’d like to say that real teachers stay in.

Stay in their classrooms, that is. I don’t wish to use students as pawns in the adults’ arguments.  Good parents resolve their differences out of earshot of their children. Why? To protect them. Likewise, good teachers ought to resolve their differences out of earshot of students.

The union, however, thinks it’s a good idea to disrupt learning to score points for their side of the argument. Exasperatingly, they pull in more than just teachers. They’ve decided to lure parents and even students into walking the sidewalks holding signs.  Of course, the signs merely say what unions always say: More funding! More! Now! More!

Education spending has steadily increased over the last few decades. Test results and literacy rates, some groups say, have not. As most of us know, problems are not solved by simply throwing money at them. (I wish someone would let the union know.)

A union that is for teachers would understand that teachers love their students and don’t wish to walkout on them. Real teachers stay in. It’s time for real teachers to also stand upstand up to the unions and say enough is enough.


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