Union in a Few Nutshells, #1

Teachers’ Unions in a Few Nutshells. . .

Nutshell A: Recruitment

“Just join,” they said. . .then insisted. . .then intimidated. Teachers just out of college, new to the profession, baited with cash waved under their nose. Promises. A “big, huge man” here to sign you up. You have to pay dues anyway, so just sign the card; otherwise you’ll be a free rider.

Nutshell B: Smoke and Mirrors

It’s time for teachers to question where the money from their dues is going, and stop giving it in blind trust.  The immense wealth of the teachers’ unions is undeniable, but teachers remain largely disconnected from the reality of its impact on their daily work. Teachers need no longer be in the dark about what their exorbitant union dues are buying.

Nutshell C: History

Yes, yes, unions helped us get where we are today. We have state and federal laws that protect workers. Workers have avenues of redress if wrongfully harmed. One could argue unions are no longer needed. Do you think the teachers’ unions would agree?

Nutshell D: How’s That Workin’ For Ya?

The union likes teachers to think they are working hard to provide excellent working conditions. What is truly included in those promises, and what is the school district’s role?  The most often heard news media plug is low teacher pay, but isn’t there more to on the job environments than just salary?  Why is it that schools are in disrepair, teachers are being harmed by misbehaving students, and school districts are always doing much financial handwringing?  Teachers must understand unions are pushing an agenda that has nothing to do with what’s best for teachers.

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