Because Parents Know…

And mom spoons the banana into baby’s mouth. She likes it. Mom knows better than to feed her pureed carrots.

And her daddy bounces her on his knee. He knows it makes her giggle. He knows better than to tickle her feet.

Dad and Mom take her to the zoo, because they know she loves the giraffes.  For Christmas they give her a dog and a goldfish, because they know she has a way with animals.

And blue is her favorite color, and she’s always the first to spot a rainbow.

She laughs when she’s tired, grimaces when she’s frustrated, and surprises them regularly with the breadth of skills she’s acquired.

So when it comes time for schooling, they know what will work best for her:

A school that serves bananas, has class pets and walls painted blue.

Their neighbor’s son likes green and keeps a tiny garden. When it came time for schooling, they knew where to send him:

A school with a garden, that studies botany, and ’tis painted with sunny murals.

The power to choose schooling should always rest with the parents —

because they know…

Below is the link to an article debunking school choice myths:

School Choice Myths Debunked

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