Just Today

Just today a student took my hand.

Just today the class laughed together at a joke.

Just today we spoke of character traits; which ones to have, which ones to ditch.

Just today some kids were naughty, and had to be redirected. I still love ’em.

Just today I labored over the schedule, the lesson plans, the who needs what skill and how will it be delivered. (I think Domino’s delivers?)

Just today a parent called, and we spoke and we spoke. Who am I to teach your precious child, be allowed to mold their academics, inspire their character? …Who am I?

Just today I said to myself: Take a break. A break from fighting the monster poised to snatch the hearts and minds of these little ones.

Just today I decided it’s time to step back, and breathe and refocus on Him who holds all together, created all things, sustains all things.

Just today, yesterday and forever He holds these little ones, and shields them.

And He loves the little teachers, too.


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  1. Love this. When you’re old like me, your students will tell you about the tiniest things you said or did that they’ve never forgotten and meant so much

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