How Would You Describe the Janus Supreme Court Decision?

Mark Janus is a government employee. He does not own a corporation. He does not work for a corporation. He doesn’t work in the private sector.

So I guess the teachers’ unions are confused. . .or something.  They keep blaming corporations for “weakening unions” through the Janus decision.  Huh?

Mark Janus, along with all other government workers forced to pay dues to unions, had their freedom of speech and freedom of association restored on June 27, 2018!

This is cause for celebration!  Worker choice!  Worker voice!

I can tell you the individuals at the Mark Janus rally were not billionaire corporation owners nor workers. They were public sector workers with stolen speech and association, working to get it back. I know, because I was there.

I’m thrilled to know I stood by my convictions and helped in the work to restore worker choice and voice.

Another thrill-

Disassociating with current union representation that has deceived its members by:

*clouding the fact public workers’ freedoms were restored

*making it appear bargaining rights would soon be lost

*legitimizing attacks on colleagues who happen to like having their freedoms restored, and are opting out

How would you describe the Janus decision? With words straight out of your union magazine? Union website? Union leadership tweets?

Why not go to supreme, (Janus vs. AFSCME) and read about the case for yourself? Then and only then will you be best equipped to describe and understand the decision.


  1. I don’t mind choice. My issue is with when you get the benefits without paying in, unless I am mistaken about the outcome of that ruling.


    • Yes, the “benefits without paying in” is an interesting outcome of the ruling. Consider that most, if not all teachers today, have never had the opportunity to vote on who represents them. Most teachers want union representation, but would like to have the opportunity to say who that is. I’m a huge advocate of local-only representation and dropping the costly and unnecessary affiliation with state and national unions. See my upcoming blog for a more extensive explanation. Thank you for “dropping by”. 😉


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