Opt-Out of Anticipation

I’m waiting for it. . .We’re waiting for it. . .

It will be delivered. That decision from the highest court in the land.

Will government workers get their freedom of speech back?

Teachers’ unions continue to tell their members the Janus vs. AFSCME case
will “…[eliminate] the rights and freedoms of working people to organize, to negotiate collectively…”*

And that statement from Lily Eskelsen Garcia, and any like it, are precisely why educators should opt-out of their union posthaste. Teachers’ unions are either ignorant, woefully uninformed, or, more likely deceiving their members.

The Janus case does not attack any freedoms. The Janus case restores stolen freedom of speech and association. The Janus case does not eliminate bargaining or organizing into unions.

Who will you believe? The highest court in the land, or your teacher union?

I’m waiting for. . .teachers to hold their unions accountable to the truth.

*NEA Today Spring 2018 p.21


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