Break Time

My Fellow Teachers,

I’ve heard through the grapevine that large companies have ping-pong tables and foosball tables in their break rooms.  I’ve heard they even have fitness centers and locker rooms, so employees can work out right at their job site! Sometimes catered lunches are provided.  Employees may receive achievement-based bonuses, gifts for loyalty to the company,  and public and monetary recognition for a job well done.  Their employers understand the importance of having happy, healthy workers and the impact it makes on raising the quality of work and the products produced.  Do you feel happy and healthy at work?  Can you go to the break room, kick back and relax or smack a ping-pong ball to vent your frustration?  Why is it that our school districts don’t supply these perks for us?  Do you want them to?

Just what is the definition of “working conditions”?  What does that include?  Are you happy with your working conditions?  Would you give up your students to work somewhere with catered lunches and foosball tables?  Or would you rather stick with teaching and have your workplace enhanced with. . .whatever would help you be happy, healthy, less stressed, less flustered, and better positioned to capture the joy of teaching?  Is it possible? Is there more to your working conditions than hours, duties and health insurance?  You bet there is.


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