The Talking Stick

The tradition of the talking stick was used by some Native American tribes during meetings to signify which person had the right to be speaking without interruption.  Many teachers adopted this practice in their classrooms for use during class meetings.  It is an effective tool for a group to use when important matters are being discussed.  For many decades now, teachers have allowed teachers’ unions to hold the talking stick for them in regards to bargaining, education policy, and politics.  In fact, through union dues, one could say that teachers are actually paying the union to hold the talking stick.  The trouble is. . .What teachers have to say, and need to say, is vastly different from what the teachers’ unions are saying.  Not only that, some teachers are being forced to pay dues; they never wanted the union to talk for them in the first place, and still don’t. Therefore, teachers, it’s past time we took our turn to hold the talking stick, and not let someone else speak for us.

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