Unions: A Heavy Burden

The weight of knowing.

Things you don’t want to know.

Screaming but not making a sound.

Standing up while sitting down.

The press of promises sure to be unkept;

made anyway.

Struggling to make known what’s been shrouded.


Like convincing the abused the relationship is sour. . .why do they not see it?

Press on, push, pierce the darkness. . .show the victims the true colors of their oppressor.

Teachers, teachers, teachers – awake!


  1. Lovely poem. Am I just cynical in thinking that it’s impossible to win this battle? You need a true revolution. Are there others like you who are ‘woke’? When I read about how the Robin Hood system is a sham in Texas, and funds are actually diverted from the schools who are supposed to get them, I pretty much gave up on there ever being equal schools for all kids. Nobody in power really cares about those kids who have crumbling schools, no books, unqualified personnel.


    • Thank you. It is a battle, for sure. An organization called For Kids and Country is working to help teachers and parents see what’s really going on in public education. Also, I just learned of an organization called Parents’ Rights in Education that is doing great work. God is on the side of the righteous, and He is on the move in this whole thing.

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      • UGH. I haven’t even thought of the Sex Ed agenda. I’m not sure what they teach in Texas. I do know that the internet is teaching kids perversion already if they have access to Youtube , Instagram, or many other sites.


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