Illegitimate-Educational-Reform Baby

My clothes are trendy longer than the latest educational fad.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic certain teacher-fashions are long gone(Remember jump suits?).  Yikes! If you didn’t wear the latest teacher clothing style, you were going nowhere in this profession.

Education reforms and remedies come and go faster than teacher fashions. So fast, in fact, teachers get left behind.  One day a stork comes and plops the latest on your desk: No Child Left Behind, Common Core, Social Emotional Learning, Positive Behavior Support, Every Student Succeeds Act, Comprehensive Sexuality Education —   You didn’t even know you were pregnant!

But, there it is, needing care and attention.  Who is the father of this education reform baby?!  Never mind, your administrator and the rest of the district administration seem to know something about it. They’re mysterious and vague, though, because they don’t know the origins, either.  That’s nothing compared to the demands you implement this new reform or else.

So, you put your shoulder to the wheel and toil on, grumbling about who thought this stuff up.   Why is it on your desk, anyway?  Isn’t anyone listening to you?  Don’t they respect your professional capabilities?  Why didn’t anyone come and actually consult with teachers about these matters? You thought someone had your back.  Intuitively, you know students’ parents have been sidestepped as well.

But here you are again, pulling all nighters and changing the dirty diapers of someone else’s illegitimate-educational-reform baby.



  1. Amen, Sister!! I’m all for improvement but there is not a one size fits all solution for students or teachers. The reforms mostly benefit publishing companies.


  2. If people only knew how much tax payers pay to make textbook publishers rich ….you don’t see that in the news much ,huh ? I am a homeschool mom . I always wanted to be a teacher and I could be , I have a degree, but I guess I’m too selfish. I can’t bring myself to enter that world . I admire those who persevere and try to make a difference. Your blog is a breath of fresh air


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